Things Gold Buyers Should Know About Purchasing From Pawn Shops In Los Angeles

Gold buyers in Los Angeles

When it comes to being savvy and picking up a great piece of jewelry for a low price, those who are in the know will always tell you how fruitful a trip to your local pawn shop can be. Forget those high profile stores on the high profile avenues; if you are in the market for a great deal and want to find something that perhaps isn’t part of the boring ‘on trend’ collection of the moment, then join other gold buyers in Los Angeles and head to a pawn shop for the best deals. With this in mind, here are some key things that you should know about purchasing gold from pawn shops in Los Angeles.

  •       Watch Out For Fakes

Gold is undoubtedly the most counterfeit precious metal on the market, and because of that you need to be very careful about what you are buying. Reputable pawn shops aren’t going to try and sell you fake gold willingly, but sometimes even the experts can be fooled by particularly good counterfeit pieces. If something seems far too cheap to be real, then the chances are that it is indeed a fake. Don’t get caught out!

  •       Low Quality Gold

Some gold might be real, but it can still be such a low quality that it hardly makes it worth the purchase. Gold buyers in Los Angeles should be looking to stay away from items that have abnormal wear, dents, excessive scratches and a fade finish. If this kind of jewelry is the only gold available in store, it’s worth your time and money to look elsewhere.

  •       Cost Inflation Is Common

Gold has a standard price point in which it will be valued by its carat weight, but it’s important to know that the costs at a pawn shop will probably be higher than this base value. Obviously, the goal and business model of a pawn shop is to make a profit on top of that value sale, and this translates into inflated prices. Gold Buyers in Los Angeles should browse around a number of different shops to see who offers the best prices for their pieces.

  •       Question The Origin

Gold buyers in Los Angeles

Because pawn shops are never going to be the original buyer location of a gold item, there are sometimes questions that the owners might not be able to answer. Nevertheless, it is always wise to ask as many questions about the origin of the gold as you can, because you don’t want to get yourself into a situation where you are paying for potentially stolen goods.

So, if you think that the pawn shop might be a good place for you to buy gold, then head over to the LA Loan Company site for lots more information about what to expect from pawn shops, and what kind of experience you are likely to have. As long as you follow our tips and stick to your guns, we think that you should be able to find a piece to treasure forever!