How to Sell Gold at a Pawn Shop in Hollywood CA

Pawn Shop in Hollywood CA

Somewhere in your house are some items that are of great value and have been in your possession, but just collecting dust. For instance, gold like jewelry that you only use for special occasions. 

Instead of leaving them there, you can get top dollar for gold pawn by bringing them to a pawn shop. Gold is an asset that is always strong in the market and these are often sold or pawned for good prices. 

Generally, the best pawn shops will give you a very reasonable offer for gold jewelry and other items to get much-needed money.

Pawn Shop in Hollywood CA

Why selling gold is still a trend

Today, the prices of commodities and goods are steadily increasing but earnings and income cannot cope with such increases. This has been a strain on workers who cannot stretch their salaries to cover all the expenses in their daily lives.

If you, therefore, own gold jewelry, watches, coins, or other items of value in your home, you can sell these or pawn them to get a cash loan. After all, the value of these items usually remains the same since they’re considered valuable items.

The value of gold

The value of gold depends on its purity. Pure gold has a rating of 24K. For instance, if you have a gold coin rated at 18K, this means that it’s 75% pure. If the current market value of gold is $1,300 per ounce, then an 18K coin made of gold would be 75% of that value, giving you $975 per ounce.

A reputable pawn shop in Hollywood, CA will honestly buy or sell gold using current market value computations. They first have to determine how much pure gold your item has then multiply the percentage of your gold by the current rate to determine its value.

Tips for selling gold in a pawn shop in LA

You can find out how much gold your item has by looking at it with a magnifying glass. It should have a stamp somewhere that indicates the gold carat. Sort your items first before having them valued at the pawn shop.

You also need to check the current rate of gold. You can find this in the business section of a newspaper or online. Like the stock market, the value of gold can increase or decrease. If the value in the market goes down and you’re not in dire need of cash, it’s better for you to wait for the rates to increase again.

With regards to accurately valuing gold, look for a pawn shop with staff certified by the Gemological Institute of America or the Jewelers of America. These certifications mean that the staff has knowledge of accurately and properly valuing gold and other precious metals.

Bring us your gold for a great price

You can do business with us at Diamond Jewelry & Loan if you want to sell your gold or other valuable items. We have proper accreditation and certified staff. Moreover, we have been in the pawn shop business since 1945. 

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