Get Cash for Gold at a Pawn Shop Near Hollywood


If you have a piece of gold jewelry you don’t need or scrapts of gold (broken gold jewelry), sell it to us for cash. Cash For Gold is a substantial way to make a decent amount of money quickly and easily. We accept almost any jewelry made of gold, whether it is new, old, or even seriously damaged.

Our cash-for-gold service is one of our most popular since we pay top dollar for jewelry that otherwise is just sitting on your dresser or lying in a box somewhere. The estimate is absolutely free of charge and obligation to sell. Whether you decide to sell your gold to us or not, there is no charge for the estimate whatsoever. Even if you are not sure if you want to sell or not, there is no reason not to pay us a visit. The price is determined by the weight of your jewelry, its spot price, and its purity. We use state of the art measuring equipment, so you can rest assure that the estimate you will get is going to be perfectly accurate.

Unlike many other companies that offer cash for gold, we never charge any hidden or extra fees. None of our competitors can match our speed either. Your free estimate and the transaction (if you decide to accept the offered price) will be over before you know it. Our professional and friendly experts will be happy to answer all your questions while performing the estimate. Whatever it is that you wish to know about the process, we will be happy to inform you about it in a detailed manner. If you’re unsure that your jewelry is real gold; bring it in and we’ll test it for FREE.

Come on in and get a free quote for your unwanted gold