Finding a Great Pawn Shop in Hollywood

Pawn Shop in Hollywood

A good pawn shop is most definitely hard to find. A majority are incredibly sketchy and always appraise the items brought in to be much lower than they are actually worth. Or they overcharge their customers and provide insane interest rates to people trying to get back the items they sold at a tough time. However, at Diamond Jewelry and Loan we are a Los Angeles pawn shop centered around customer service and trustworthiness. We are a company Pawn Shop in Hollywood that strives for our customers to have the cleanest, safest, and quickest pawn shop experience.


Many issues that stem from pawnshops are often due to inexperienced brokers. Dealing with inexperienced pawn brokers can result in being offered bottom of the barrel prices for you most valuable possessions. However, at Diamond Jewelry and Loan, we have been in the pawn business for more than twenty years.Our experienced brokers are fully insured and bonded and our jewelry and diamond specialists will test your items accurately as possible. Simply come in today for a free appraisal of your gold and diamond jewelry.

Experts in Gold

Like most pawn shop in Hollywood, at Diamond Jewelry and Loan we put gold as our first priority. However, unlike most pawn shops we will accurately appraise your jewelry and pay cash for your gold jewelry and scraps. In addition, you never have to worry, our brokers will always offer top dollar for any gold or diamond jewelry that you will offer us. In addition, any gold coins sold to us will also be exchanged for a top dollar rate in cash. Not to mention, we also provide free, expert jewelry cleaning to our customers so you will leave our shop with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Low Interest

Most pawn shops make it so it is almost impossible to afford to get your items back. However, at Diamond Jewelry and Loan do not think people should be punished or exploited for running up and on hard times. Therefore, we provide low interest rates for anyone who is forced to pawn a valuable item of theirs. In addition, we try to be as flexible as possible for our customers with their payment schedules and plans. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to pay and receive the money for their pawn.

If you are looking for a respected business to entrust your jewelry with, simple call 323-469-1319 now  to set up a free quote with a jewelry expert at Diamond and Jewelry Loan.