Can I Get Reliable Appraisals At A Pawn Shop Near Me?

Pawning goods is always serious business, and you need to contact a business that you can trust. Diamond Jewelry & Loan has been operating in LA since 1948, and when you are asking yourself: is there a reliable pawn shop near me? then the answer is yes. We are a team that provides you with reasonable valuations and low interest rates. We are available for customers to pawn or sell valuables in order to get cash fast, and offer great deals to anyone who comes into our shop.

Pawn or Trade Gold

When you have a lot of old gold jewelry, or want to sell scrap gold including broken jewelry, we are the perfect pawn shop for you to use. We offer free quotes with no obligation for all kinds of gold. You can pawn it, or sell it to us for cash. We pay high prices for all kinds of gold offered to us, so you can be sure that we will give you the best deals on the items you have to offer. Just contact us now to find out what we will offer you.

Pawn Your Valuable Items

When you need to put items into pawn, you want to make sure that you get the best deal around. We offer low interest rates with reasonable repayment terms. In addition, we can also tell you the value of your items, so you will know straight-away if you are getting a good deal. In addition, we can also help you by performing high-quality jewelry cleaning on your items, which can improve their look when you recover them. Just let us know if you want any of these services.

Trust Us to Help You

What do you want to do when you finally find the “pawn shop near me?” If you need a quick injection of cash from a loan that can be paid off quickly, then we will offer you a low interest rate which can easily be repaid. However, if you need money and don’t want to recover your items, then we will offer you a good deal on anything you choose to sell to us. That might be platinum, designer jewelry, old coins, and antiques. Just call us on 323-469-1319 or fill in our online form, or visit us at our pawn shop to make a deal straight away, and get the money that you need quickly and easily.