An Iconic Pawn Shop in Hollywood CA

Pawn Shop in Hollywood CA

Pawn shops are great places to find oddities, collectibles, beautiful pieces of art, and amazing
luxury goods for reasonable prices. Browsing a pawn shop is one of the most pleasurable ways
to spend an afternoon or weekend, and you’ll be shocked at the number of amazing items you
can find. The only thing better than browsing a pawn shop is browsing an iconic pawn shop with
a rich history and a dedicated following of loyal customers. There is one such Pawn Shop in Hollywood CA, and it goes by the name Diamond Jewelry and Loan.

A Long Hollywood History

Opened in 1945, the Diamond Jewelry and Loan pawn shop has been serving the Hollywood
community for over 50 years. A successful business as the result of decades of hard work and
customer loyalty, Diamond Jewelry and Loan still offers some of the best deals, most
reasonable prices, and most affordable repayment plans of any pawn shop in Los Angeles.
Known as one of the oldest and most well-established pawn shops in LA, there is no pawn shop
more iconic than Diamond Jewelry and Loan.
Pawn Shop in Hollywood

Diamond Jewelry and Loan Services

When you visit the Diamond Jewelry and Loan pawn shop, you have the opportunity to take
advantage of all of their amazing services. Diamond Jewelry and Loan buys, sells, and pays
collateral for valuable pawned items each and every day. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured,
there is no better place to trust with your money, time, or valuables than Diamond Jewelry and


If you have beautiful pieces you no longer want, but can’t bear the thought of tossing them,
bring them on into Diamond Jewelry and Loan. Diamond Jewelry and Loan will assess your
items and offer you premium, unbeatable prices to take your old jewelry, art, electronics, etc. off
your hands.


Looking to add to your home collection? Trying to find the perfect piece of art to hang in your
office? Seeking a beautiful diamond ring for that special someone? Diamond Jewelry and Loan
has one of the widest selections of luxury, antique, and designer items at some of the most
affordable prices you will find in Hollywood.


If you are short on cash and need a quick solution, visit Diamond Jewelry and Loan. Offering
competitive and generous loans to qualifying customers, Diamond Jewelry and Loan can help
you get money when you need it. Diamond Jewelry and Loan charges reasonable interest rates
and offers super flexible repayment plans so you can feel comfortable repaying your loan.
Have you been looking for a quality pawn shop in Hollywood  CA? Visit Diamond Jewelry and
Loan today and see how we have become an iconic part of Hollywood.