A Pawn Shop in Los Angeles Offering Cash Loans

A pawn shop in Los Angeles can offer more than affordably priced goods and the chance to sell your unwanted items. At Diamond Jewelry and Loan, you can take advantage of their low-interest loans with flexible and customizable repayment plans. Everyone knows the feeling of being a few dollars short, or just wanting to feel a little more financially secure, which is why Diamond Jewelry and Loan offers cash loans to their customers.

pawn shop in Los Angeles

Get a Loan with Diamond Jewelry and Loan

Diamond Jewelry and Loan is the best pawn shop Los Angeles has to offer, and for more reasons than their incredible array of merchandise. Diamond Jewelry and Loan has been serving the wonderful people of Los Angeles since 1948 and has been going strong ever since. With decades of experience and knowledge under their belts, there is no more trustworthy or dependable pawn shop anywhere in California.

When you get a loan with Diamond Jewelry and Loan, you can take advantage of their low-interest options with customizable repayment plans. Developed to fit your unique needs, there is no need to worry about repaying faster than you can with Diamond Jewelry and Loan. Happy to take valuables off your hands for cash or collateral, Diamond Jewelry and Loan can help you take control of your finances.

Inside the Pawn Shop

Besides offering convenient collateral loans to customers, Diamond Jewelry and Loan also has an incredible selection of items in their pawn shop. The Diamond Jewelry and Loan pawn shop is filled with high quality, reasonably priced items from luxury and well-known brands. Choose from their incredible selection of designer bags, shoes, accessories and more, investigate their array of high-quality electronics, or buy a gift for your favorite diamond lover.

Diamond Jewelry and Loan does it all, offering great prices for your unwanted luxury goods, providing free gold testing to clients, and even paying top prices for scrap gold. No other pawn shop is as dedicated to excellent customer service, paying top-prices for customer goods, and selling only the most high-quality luxury and brand name items as Diamond Jewelry and Loan.

If you are in need of a gift, want to treat yourself to something special, or want to pocket a few extra bucks for the end of the month, come on in the Diamond Jewelry and Loan, the oldest and most reliable pawn shop in Los Angeles.

Visit the Diamond Jewelry and Loan website to learn more about their pawn shop, loan services, and history!