5 Items You Didn’t Know Could be Pawned at Your Los Angeles Pawn Shop

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Have you been looking to make some quick cash your local Los Angeles pawn shop? Bringing in high value items can be a great way to get some quick extra cash to cover expenses like rent, bills or other purchases. We have all had times where making a quick buck can help immensely but it can be very disappointing to find out that the items you thought would bring your big bucks aren’t really worth all that much. If you are in a pinch for cash and want to know what’s going to get you the biggest returns let’s go over a few items that may do so:

Gift cards:

Some pawn shops are more than happy to buy your unused gift cards. What can be worse than getting a gift card for a store or website that you don’t even shop at? If you were gifted a gift card that you know will go to waste try pawning it at a local pawn shop. You could have some quick cash in hand. It may not be the exact amount of your card because the shop has to make a profit from selling but you’ll be a few dollars richer and able to buy something you actually want!

Broken or damaged gold:

Do you have a gold chain sitting in a jewelry box or drawn that’s broken? Sometimes you just don’t want to spend the money to get something fixed, especially if it’s an item that you don’t wear often anyway. You can take those ‘scraps’ to a pawn shop who can give you competitive rates. The same goes for gemstones and fine jewelry. If you no longer wear it and find that it’s just sitting in a drawer, why not make some cash off it?

Silver flatware:

If you have sterling silver flatware, trays, spoons and other utensils around your house you may find that you only use it for ‘special occasions’. If those special occasions have happened once in 15 years you could consider selling your flatware for a profit.
Gas or battery powered tools: Have you got a bunch of power tools that you haven’t found a way to dispose of? Some people upgrade their tools to newer models and don’t know what to do with their older ones. You can make some cash on trading in your gas and battery powered tools at your local pawn shop.

Bikes and motor vehicles:

If you didn’t know you can trade in motorcycles, ATVs and even boats at local pawn shops! If you find that you haven’t ridden your motorcycle in years, your ATV is collecting dust or your boat never touches water, try getting some profit out of it.
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